Sunday, November 27, 2016


Something that is really hard for me to understand is why people look down on mental illnesses. If I've learned anything while living, it's that mental health challenges are very real. I suffer with anxiety and depression, especially recently. If you're the same way, you understand that people often belittle your problems or don't put in any effort. People with anxiety, depression, and other things aren't dangerous. We aren't trying to hurt you. We are just trying to get by. It's something that so many people go through and there should be more of an emphasis on the fact that we are only human and that we are just like you.

I was having a slight mental breakdown the other day and my mom started talking about how, everyone feels emotion, and if anyone is pushed slightly, they can start to deal with challenges regarding their mental health. Everyone is just trying to get through their own trials, and anyone can become depressed or anxious due to certain circumstances.

It's so easy to feel alone. It's so easy to want to break down and cry day after day and to stop telling people you're fine when you're hurting so bad. Anxiety, depression, all forms of mental illnesses can be caused by so many things; we're all just trying to do the best we can.

Something that I highly recommend if you haven't already is talking to someone. I know how cliche and repetitive this sounds but you have to trust me on this one: it makes the world of a difference. And sometimes you think you never expected to end up like this but that's just how life works. Life isn't always fair. In fact, most of the time life isn't fair. But God doesn't give you any challenges or trials you can't handle and you have to understand that you, my beautiful friend, will get through this just like you have so many times before.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Heyyyy hello to my nonexistent followers hehe below is a list of things that make me happy so if you're havin a bad day take a look!! If I ever get some followers you guys could comment things that make you happy too but for now imma be here talkin to myself :)

my frands
football games
dressing up
wearing boys' clothes hahaha
dance parties
getting stuff done
J Boog
helping people
when math makes sense
accomplishing stuff off of my to-do list
other people liking my music taste
giving compliments
a new crush
hot celebs
harry styles
niall horan
louis tomlinson
liam payne
and zayn is still a part of 1D in my brain so zayn malik
laughing till your stomach hurts
happy people
ICE CREAM holy I'm so obsessed with ice cream
running around late at night
being obnoxious
letting go
best friends
flirting hehe ;)
good movies
finding a new favorite song
romantic comedies
drives with loud music
amusement parks
one tree hill
greys anatomy
hart of dixie
melissa and joey
the cosby show
the fresh prince of bel-air
flex and shanice
reality tv
cute ponytails
new underwear
messy buns
people who understand
michael b jordan
teddy bears
dreams that you remember
deep conversations
my doggy CoCo
family duhhh
chunky sweaters
big t shirts

look how much there is to be happy about!!!!!! there's DEFINITELY more so I'll try to keep adding stuff to the list but errybody reading please REMEMBER TO BE HAPPY :):):):):):):):):):)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


This post is for all the people out there (my invisible followers) who feel like they're alone. Who are so sick of not getting answers and who would do ANYTHING to feel just a little bit better. For everybody with chronic pain, for everybody who doesn't want to go to another doctors appointment this week for fear that it will be just like last time. This post is for you. This post is for you because I know how all of that feels and for awhile I felt like my world was crashing down in front of me.

I have struggled with stomach pain since the age of 9. The pain has always varied, sometimes paralyzing, sometimes bearable enough for daily life. Doctors have always run tons of tests on me in hope to discover what's wrong. Blood tests, urine tests, ultra sounds, x-rays, CT scans, you name it. If this is your life, you know what I mean. As a kid it was hard to deal with people telling me that "everything looked normal". When you're ten years old and someone tells you that what you're feeling isn't real, it hurts. When your friends don't believe the pain because they can't see it, that hurts too. But I'm here to tell you, things can get better. To be honest, that probably sucks to hear. It sucks like it sucks to hear "you're okay" over and over again when you're not. It sucks like when people ask you how you are and you have to act like everything is happiness and rainbows. It sucks like hearing "people have  it worse" from time to time. And it sucks like it sucks to hear "are you sure it isn't just _______?" But trust me on this one. THINGS WILL GET BETTER. You will become stronger. You will overcome some of the mental challenges that come from being physically sick. Just trust me; you will.

One of the things that was hard for me to deal with was people who didn't believe me after extended periods of time. With each person I know, it has come to a place where at one point in time they doubted my genuinity about how I felt. They were annoyed that, yet again, I cancelled our plans out of pain. They were sick of hearing "not good" as the answer to "how are you?" They were fed up with "excuses" and figured that, if I was actually doing what I was supposed to, I would be better by now. This is what this blog is for. If anybody else has dealt with similar things, I want to help you. I want to relate to you and to tell you it will be okay from someone who has gotten better and who has gotten through it. I want to give you hope.

So for anyone dealing with anything physically, mentally, emotionally, you can talk to me. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY

Monday, August 29, 2016


Okayyyy so this is my first official blog post. Welcome! hahahahaha--So what imma do is talk about somethin I feel really strongly about, and that is women's bodies. I'm one of those people that gets really really annoyed with body shaming and I find it so sad when people hate their bodies or wish they could change them.  Now don't get me wrong, obviously I'm a teenager and I've struggled with body image, however my outlook on my body has changed dramatically over the past 2 years. See I used to have a friend who would always make comments about my stomach. Put into context, it sounded like I was being called fat or chubby. I had never worried much about things like that before but suddenly it seemed like a huge deal to have a perfectly flat stomach with abs. I am a very healthy weight for my height and age and I have never dealt with being overweight or anything, however sometimes I would begin to question if what she said was true. Suddenly, it was a bigger deal to me to have a perfectly flat stomach. I didn't do anything huge; I didn't start doing hundreds of sit-ups a day or eating less, I simply wore an undershirt over my bra everyday so that when we changed in P.E., she wouldn't see my tummy. To this day, when I see a camisole tank top I get a little sad that I used to feel that I needed to wear one. Now after the girl stopped making comments, I stopped caring. For some reason since then, I have only gotten more confident in my body. Somehow, her comments only bothered me when she said them. But we need to make sure more girls know that it's normal and okay to feel insecure sometimes, everyone does, but we need to learn to be confident, despite what the world tells us is a "perfect body". There's no such thing!!

I am somebody that actually has a butt and I also have pretty muscular thighs. I have dealt with simply wanting smaller thighs, but I have come to love them. I'm grateful to have muscle in my legs. I'm grateful to be more on the curvy side. However, if you are naturally twig thin, love your body too!! There's no such thing as being "too skinny" or "too big" or "too curvy". YOURE NOT "TOO" ANYTHING EXCEPT TOO PERFECT. Now when it gets unhealthy, you should obvuously probably see your doctor. But watching people judge other girls' bodies, and watching people judge their own bodies is so sad. Everyone is so beautifully perfect the way they are. Even figures like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner or Selena Gomez, who are some peoples' definition of a "perfect body" are constantly being called too skinny, fat, chubby, or thin. I know right? I didn't know people would use all four to describe the same body.

Can I ask you all to do me a favor? Stop looking to people as "body goals". Stop thinking "I wish I looked like that", "My life would be better if I lost weight", "Nobody likes me because I'm *insert word for body shaming*"; you are so beautiful how you are, she is so beautiful how she is, they are so beautiful how they are. Stop feeling like you need to change yourself to look like somebody else.
However, what I'm NOT saying is that you can't lose weight or eat healthy because you're already perfect. If you want to set a goal and work hard for it by eating well and doing fun workouts, do you sista!! But don't ever feel like you have to do something because other people are or because you feel like you have to. Do everything in your life to make you the happiest and most confident version of yourself.

Believe me when I tell you that loving your body is one of the greatest feelings. It helps you to care so much less what other people think about the way you look. You start to focus on your personality, and being the happiest and most loving version of yourself that you can ever be. So please, try harder to love yourself and stop being your own biggest critic, because you're so beautiful and you deserve to know that.

Monday, August 22, 2016


This is a tag of a bunch of questions that I'm going to answer so you guys can get to know me better!! (awkward that I didn't actually get tagged by anyone but that's okay)

What are you wearing?
Okay sooo I'm home sick today so I'm not lookin too hot but I have on:
-a five guys shirt from savers hahahaha
-h&m wayy comfy shorts

How tall are you?

Any tattoos?

Any piercings?
One on each ear

Nathan and Haley Scott from One Tree Hill prob

Favorite show?
One Tree Hill or Hart of Dixie

Favorite band?
One Direction without a doubt (I'm a basic white girl and I'm totally obsessed...)

Something you miss?
My best friend (she lives a few hours away and I only see her a few times a year) :(

Favorite song?
Little Things by One Direction is like one of those favorites that will always be a favorite, you know? But then my fav song at the moment changes constantly but I love reggae so my two favorites right now are both reggae songs and one is called If You Were Mine by Saosi and the other is by Jah Maoli and it's called Stronger Than Before.

How old are you?

Zodiac sign?

Quality you look for in a partner?
Oh man that's so hard...probably the ability to listen well and understand. Talking about my problems helps me to get through them and if someone isn't able to be my listening ear when I need it or understand things that maybe don't make complete sense to them, it's not super helpful to me.

Favorite quote?
See this is one of those questions that I'm never able to answer because I love so many. I honestly have no idea but if you wanna search for Sassy Jensen on Pinterest, I have a quotes board with some good ones. (one day in to this blog thing and I'm already doing shameless promos oh no)

Favorite actor?
This is another one of those questions that I can't answer. I really like Kate Winslet; her performance in The Holiday is amazing.

Favorite color?
It's always been blue and probably always will be blue.

Loud music or soft?
Almost always super loud

Where do you go when you're sad?
My bed

How long does it take you to shower?
Depends on the day, but I love taking really long showers and blasting music

How long does it take you to get ready?
Preferably, at least 15 minutes, but I can get ready quicker than that if I need to

Ever been in a physical fight?
No and I don't plan to be

Turn on?
Like I said, being able to listen, humorous, kind, gets along well with my family

Turn off?
COCKINESS!! No joke, if you are cocky, I am so unattracted to you. And obviously confidence is a great thing, but if you let it go overboard to the point where you are arrogant, you are most likely not confident at all and in fact very insecure.

The reason I started a blog?
I want to help people and I want to relate to people so that they know they are not alone.

I'm deathly afraid of scary movies and haunted houses and refuse to do either one, I'm claustrophobic, sharks and rats freak me out too

Last thing that made you cry?

Last time you said you loved someone?

Meaning behind your blog name?
It's very unoriginal and just my first and last name sooo...

Last book you read?
Dandelion Wine, it was our summer reading

Book you're currently reading?
A Harry Styles fanfiction hahhahahahahahha

Last show you watched?
One Tree Hill, I finished it a few weeks ago

Last person you talked to?
My mama

The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

Favorite food?
Ice cream or Mac n Cheese

Place you want to visit?
Brazil or Jamaica

Last place you were?
If this means vacation-wise, I went to St. Kitts this summer. It's an island in the Caribbean and THEY PLAY REGGAE EVERYWHERE AND HAVE JAMAICAN ACCENTS it was amazing!!!!!

Do you have a crush?
Duh ;)

Last time you kissed someone?
Few weeks ago

Last time you felt insulted?
Oh gosh probably like yesterday over something dumb that had nothing to do with me

Favorite flavor of sweet?
I love all candy, especially sour candy and like super sweet candy but I love chocolate as long as it's not just straight up milk chocolate (it has to have other flavors or like nuts or caramel or something in it..chocolate is too rich for me)

What instruments do you play?
Just piano (boooring i know) I used to play the violin though and I wanna learn guitar or ukulele

Favorite piece of jewelry?
I have a bracelet set from American Eagle that's way cute, I like me some Alex and Ani and earring sets from Claire's hahahha I'm secretly a nine year old

Last sport you played?
I played the basketball game HORSE yesterday (I lost)

Last song you sang?
We Ain't Ever Getting Older by Fozia Williams

Favorite pick-up line?
Is your body from McDonald's? Cause I'm lovin it

Have you ever used it?
Haha just as a joke but I'll be sure to use it soon ;)

Last time you hung out with anyone?

And some fun facts:
-I'm obsessed with YouTube and I watch tons of vloggers and beauty channels and stuff
-Like I said I LOVE REGGAE
-Fav movie is High School Musical hands down (I can quote it all and know every lyric by heart)
-I actually love makeup but I'm really not that good at it
-I love music


I never really thought about starting a blog. I've always seen them and obviously thought things like "why isn't my life that artsy??" but I never actually considered it. I figured maybe when I was the mother of four and my youngest was in kindergarten or something, that maybe I'd start one out of boredom; however, I am 15 years old. Yeah, that's crazy right?? I am a sophomore in high school, I love to dance, I think eating ice cream can make anyone happy, I love to laugh, I love being social, and am a strong supporter of sweats.

I thought maybe I could start a blog to help people. I have been through health problems that  many people go through, but less commonly at my age. I thought maybe sharing my story, though minor compared to most, could help people. 

If you like relatable, crazy, to be honest slightly weird, and funny (maybe), keep reading!!